Lab Process

Global Lab Visit

Global Lab has visited Udhvabani Lab Bangladesh from 16,September 2018 to 19,September 2018.During This time partners were also visited to give the update of the lab and innovators. Udhvabani Lab Bangladesh along with partners make the next work action plan for the lab and innovators.

Local Workshop

  On 5.9.18 Udhvabani Lab has conducted Local Workshop on 12 innovations progress and next plan. also consulted with Md.Tarikul Islam,Assistant professor,Department of Civil Engineering,UITS on Core research and piloting (Innovation- Rain water harvesting)

Dan Visit

The external evaluator Mr. Dan James, senior research consultant from Intrac has visited Uhavabani Lab Bangladesh from 31.07.18 to 2.08.18.

Working on nutrition in children food shop

Innovator Arshad Alam Pulok is working on his project and showing the digital contents of maintaining personal hygiene and importance of nutritious food. He is also serving nutritious food to the children and trying to change their food habits.

Training on Fire at Korail

Innovator of Udhvabani lab, from Seven One- Mr. Anowarul Islam is implementing fire training in collaboration with Fire Brigade & Civil defenses in Korail slum with the support of Lab staff. As part of this project he enlisted 40 members of his first volunteer team.