1st Annual National Conference on Urban Resilience


Dhaka community Hospital Trust (DCH Trust) is working on disaster risk reduction, preparedness and mitigation programme both in nationally and internationally. At Present DCH Trust is implementing a project on Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Programme. DCH Trust a member of A-PAD and ADRRN and got an invitation to attend Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR), which was held on 03-06 July 2018 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In this regards we the DCH Trust team visited Mongolia 02-07 July 2018.

To attend this AMCDRR conference DCH Trust Team members are as follows

  1. Jabed Yousuf
  2. Sukumar Chakrabortty
  3. Golam Mostofa
  4. Wakar Hossain
  5. Ronjit Halder
  6. Ariful Islam Arif
  7. Omar Sharif



  1. To attend AMCDRR Conference 2018
  2. To share DCH Trust DRR activates through exhibitions booth
  3. To learn about Mongolia through social visit


  1. Attend AMCDRR Conference and opening and other working session.
  2. Work for DCH Trust exhibition booth in AMCDRR Market Place
  3. Social visit


On July 03, 2018 DCH Trust all team members reported to the registration desk at Shangri-La Center, Ulaanbaatar and completed the registration accordingly. After completion of the registration Md. Golam Mostofa attended the Opening Ceremony at 04:00pm at State Palace.

Attended and gave presentation in AMCDRR Conference

On July 04, 2018 DCH Trust Team attended different sessions in Side Events. DEPP-Lab of DCH Trust provided a presentation on “Innovations on the Interface of the Built Environment and Emergency Health”. This presentation was provided by Ronjit Halder, Social Enterprise Specialist and Dr. Omor Sharif Ibne Hassan, Disaster Epidemiology Specialist of DEPP-Lab Bangladesh in collaboration with the partner organization SEEDS India. In the presentation the team focused on the progress on innovation ideas through PPT presentations and video show.


On July 05, 2018 DCH Trust and A-PAD jointly provided a presentation on “Power on Cooperation beyond Sectors and Countries” in Market Place of AMCDRR Conference. In this regards Md. Golam Mostofa of DCH Trust, Faisal Djalal and HyunSook Yun of A-PAD share the experience on of cooperation of disaster response through PPT presentation and video show.


DCH Trust exhibition booth in AMCDRR Market Place

On July 03, 2018 after completion of the registration DCH Trust team prepared the exhibition booth in AMCDRR Market Place. On 04 and 05 July 2018 DCH Trust shared its DRR experience to other counties and delights through exhibition both in AMCDRR Market Place. A notable number of participants and delegates visited our stall from different organizations and countries. During the exhibition we distributed several leaflets, books, reports and proceedings of DEPP Lab Bangladesh, DCH Trust, SEEDS, A-PAD and ADRRN.

Social Visit

Beside the conference programme we all the team members got the opportunity to visit several historical and religious places in Mongolia such as the stature of the Chinggis Khan, Terelj National Park, Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, ORKHON VALLEY CULTURAL LANDSCAPE. This visit was very helpful to get more knowledge about Mongolia and its history. On the other hand we also took the chance to do some shopping for our families and relatives.





  • Have got the knowledge on DRR activities of different organization
  • Gain the experience on use of electronic device for security purpose to enter the conference and stall areas
  • Have got the opportunity to increase the communication skill among the international organizations
  • Have got the information regarding DRR and climate changes for project proposal writing
  • Management of exhibition stall set up
  • Have got the idea and create a scope to exchange the use of different tools on DRR and its management
  • Team work increase the strength to reach the success